Quality :

Recognisable by accrediting and ranking agencies for Honesty, Objectivity and Carefulness in all research programs

Ethics :

No compromise on interests and protection of people, groups or society with respect to Moral, Integrity, Respecting intellectual property and Confidentiality in research

Misconduct :

Intolerable and Punishable for all kinds of plagiarism and violation of research related laws, regulations, or policies

Endorsement :

  • Incentives for Research Contributions such as PhD, Publications, Research Grants, etc.
  • Assistance and guidance to Research Proposals preparation with Project Review Committee and appraisal of Research Proposals as mandatory before submission.
  • Seed money, contingency grant and financial assistance (partial/full) towards pre-proposal study of projects, patents (i.e. consumables, attending conferences, meeting experts / visiting Industries, etc) along with duty leave to motivate faculty in doing research.
  • Funding for Patenting and due share to the inventors and collaborators of patents.
  • Facilitating compensation in academic load for research contributions without prejudice to norms of AICTE and Anna University (i.e. balancing academic and research).
  • MoUs with R&D organizations and Industries for Skill Development, Research and Consultancy.