Vision Of The College :

To provide world class engineering education for individuals to become technologically superior, socially conscious and responsible citizens for the welfare of mankind.

Mission Of The College :

1. To achieve academic excellence by imparting knowledge and skills through problem solving, practical training and design & development of innovative projects.
2. To develop leadership and inter disciplinary team skills through effective communication training and inculcating ethical behavior.
3.To carry out applied research in Engineering & Technology and facilitate life-long learning.

Quality Policy :

  • Providing excellent infrastructure and conducive learning environment.
  • Building a pleasant work culture and motivating everybody to contribute their best.
  • Responding proactively to the changing the needs of industry,parents and the society by embracing latest technological trends in the field of education.
  • Complying with requirements of standards and striving continually to improve the quality of operations of the institution.